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Clearway Health
1 Boston Medical Place
Boston, MA 02118
Accelerating your specialty pharmacy program so that you can focus on who matters most.

Born out of Boston Medical Center, Clearway Health emerged as a solution to improve access to care and manage the complex medication needs of patient populations.

We partner with hospitals and health systems to build or strengthen their own specialty pharmacy program, improve access to care and provide personalized support to vulnerable patients, families, providers and care managers to eliminate barriers and ensure medications are received on time.

When patients experience a life-changing diagnosis that requires specialty medication regimens, they shouldn’t have to think twice about how they’ll access and afford their medication.

Clearway Health puts the patient first and works collaboratively with the clinical care team, the patient and their caregivers to support the patients’ understanding of their condition, how important it is to adhere to their treatment and to ensure access to their medication along their journey to health and healing.

Clearway Health hires skilled pharmacists and pharmacy technicians who are dedicated to supporting each of our client partners.

We build or strengthen the infrastructure for your specialty pharmacy program – including operational workflows, clinical programs, unlocking drug access and leading accreditation processes – and deliver a clinically driven service with immediate value recognition.

Business and mission coexist in Clearway Health’s model where our clinical and business experts build and strengthen specialty pharmacy programs that transition pharmacy services from a cost center to a revenue generator.

We focus on evolving client operational processes and financial growth at the same time to create a sustainable environment for enhancing your value and independence.

We lead the strategic planning and implementation of each program and leverage our industry network and affiliations to unlock opportunity that’s often inaccessible through limited distribution drugs (LDD), payor or pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) lockouts and beyond.
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