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7525 SE 24th St
Suite 330
Mercer Island, WA 98040
CarepathRx is transforming pharmacy care delivery for health systems, hospitals, and their affiliates, delivering improved patient outcomes that drive clinical, quality, and financial results. Through the industry’s most comprehensive, end-to-end pharmacy care delivery model, CarepathRx takes an enterprise approach to pharmacy care delivery, helping health systems manage and expand healthcare services, drive better patient health, enhance pharmacy operations, and enhance and diversify new revenue streams.

CarepathRx provides a powerful combination of technology, market-leading clinical pharmacy services, and 340B wrap-around services that optimize pharmacy performance across the enterprise for improved ambulatory access, minimized clinical variation and create new hospital revenue streams. For patients this means a more seamless experience and better overall health. And for clients, it means pharmacy is no longer a cost center – it’s a results generator.

Today, CarepathRx serves all 50 states with its suite of pharmacy services and technologies including BioPlus Specialty Pharmacy, ExactCare, PipelineRx, and DromosPTM, with more than 1,500 employees.

BioPlus Specialty Pharmacy – CarepathRx Company
BioPlus Specialty Pharmacy is making high-cost and lifesaving treatments accessible through specialty pharmacy services with extensive 340B experience, Limited Distribution Drug (LDD) access, and payor access. With leading data analytics and outcomes reporting solutions are achieved quickly and efficiently. Together we can provide better treatment and access for all.

ExactCare - CarepathRx Company
ExactCare provides solutions designed to overcome medication-related and chronic care challenges for patients with chronic conditions, complex medical needs, and multiple medications. Core solutions provide long-term-care pharmacy support to patients at home through clinical pharmacy services; care management and coordination; and a suite of patient adherence tools.

PipelineRx - CarepathRx Company
PipelineRx connects and coordinates pharmacy services across the continuum of care. Our vision is for every provider and every patient to have access to high-quality pharmacy services anytime, anywhere. Our flexible, scalable medication management platform and supporting services are driving a more efficient pharmacy for over 500 hospitals and health systems across the U.S and Canada. Making patient-driven pharmacy care a reality is why we continuously hone our technology and services each day.

Dromos PTM – CarepathRx Company
DromosPTM addresses the full spectrum of challenges specialty pharmacies face every day. It’s an easily-configurable Patient Therapy Management solution for streamlining clinical activities – from securing prior authorizations (and/or supplementary funding) to simplifying process for drug delivery, refill, and counseling support. This powerful business tool guides pharmacy operators toward best practices and eliminates duplicate tasks, while generating invaluable metrics.

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